Trade standards

Since 2012, Meridian Cacao has worked directly with cocoa producers to import and distribute their harvest to chocolate makers worldwide. From our home base in Portland, OR, we supply craft chocolate makers and chocolate enthusiasts with a variety of world-class beans, each with a different story, told through their unique flavor profiles.

Our goal is to provide an easy and transparent experience for purchasing cacao. From the home hobbyist to the mom-and-pop shop to the large commercial chocolate maker, we want to make delicious and traceable cacao and cacao products available for everyone. 

Sourcing Standards

Meridian strives to foster prosperous farming communities by providing quality-driven farmers and farm groups with meaningful, direct market access. Meridian believes in transparency in all aspects of the supply chain, and does so by partnering with farmers and farm groups who not only foster best practices environmentally and socially but who also redefine those principles. Meridian continually searches for innovative producers to share in this work.

Direct relationships

We have direct relationships with the producers we buy cocoa from. We visit their farms at least once a year and communicate with them frequently throughout the year. We only work with producers that ensure fair and responsible labor practices and treat all workers with dignity and respect.

Fair pricing

We negotiate cacao prices directly with producers to ensure the prices they receive for their cacao enable a just standard of living.

Environmental Standards

We choose to work with cacao producers that value the environment and work to maintain the biodiversity of their land while keeping their workers healthy and safe.

Transactional Transparency

We share container-specific pricing with our customers to provide transactional transparency to our entire supply chain.