Type: Cooperative

Location: Mirissa Hills Forest Reserve, Ghana

Certification: Organic

Tasting Notes: Brownies, Walnut, Candied Orange

Varieties: Criollo, Amelonado, Forastero, Trinitario

Fermentation Style: Individual, heap with banana/plantain leaves as base/cover 

Drying Style: Direct Sun Dried, raised platform

Harvest Season: October- March

Three Mountains Cocoa supports farmers contributing to the Kome blend. This includes direct premium payments, access to organic inputs, customized advisory sessions, training services from the Three Mountains Cocoa Co-operative, and guidance in meeting organic certification standards. This ensures fair compensation, sustainable farming, and high-quality cacao production.

Situated next to the three mountains that are part of UNESCO's reforestation and conservation program, over 2,000 farmers from 8 communities grow the diverse cacao beans for Three Mountains Cocoa. TMC embraces regenerative practices which includes fostering biodiversity, agroforestry, sustainable farming, environmental resilience, and strengthening the bond between the cacao community and the protected forest.