Type: Estate and Centralized Fermentary

Location: Tamana

Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Cloves, Cherry

La Corona Estate is the site of the brand-new post-harvest processing facility in Tamana, Trinidad. Tamana is a region that is considered a very important catchment area for cocoa produced in the surrounding villages. There are many cocoa estates, both active and abandoned, that tell quite a story of Tamana’s past involvements in Trinidad’s cocoa history over the years. For a long time most producers in the area sold their wet beans to a centralized fermentary.

However, thanks to the bold initiative of Stanley Butcher, the owner of La Corona Estate, and friend Jim (who’s own estate in Sangre Chiquito will soon be processing its beans at the La Corona fermentary), the new La Corona fermentation and drying facility is giving neighbouring farmers another option for sale of their wet beans. Several farmers currently contribute to the microlot project underway and they include (followed by the names of their estates): Herman Ribeiro (The Haven), Herbert Pasqual (Maiden Voyage), and Calvin David (La Pastora). Leela Butcher, Stanley’s wife, is in charge of the fermentation facility. She has a great eye for quality, and we expect great things out of this new spot in the 2017/2018 harvest.