Type: Small Holder Family Farms

Location: Chaparral, Tolima - Colombia

Certifications: Conventional

Tasting Notes: Deep Fudgy Chocolate, Nuttiness, Light Walnut Skin

Varieties: Broad Variety Trinitario, mixed nativo

Fermentation Style: 5-6 days Wooden Boxes

Drying Style: Intermittent, Sundried on Raised Mesh Beds

Elevation: 1000m asl

Microlimate: Rainforest

Harvest Season: July-August, December-January

Introducing Colombia Chaparral
a brand new origin of cacao Cholaca in association with Aroco of Colombia have partnered to create some of what is sure to become recognized as word class cacao. Working directly with farmers in the region Cholaca and Aroco are using post-harvest drying techniques based on hundreds of years of tradition and incorporating new technologies to produce a consistent high quality product. We are one part, one company, one member of an international community to improve the lives of indigenous farmers and to change the way we treat our forests by increasing the value of their cacao.